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How To Protect the Election
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Vote Verification and Confirmation System

The cornerstone of democracy is the cast ballot which indicates the will of the people. Rumors of voter fraud, actual voter fraud, and vote counting irregularities is one of the greatest threats to democracy. Protection of the cast ballot is tantamount in our modern elected governments. A system to protect the vote of the people is imperative. The vote verification system consists of a fail proof system of checks and balances to allow you to verify and comfirm you vote.

The Protected Ballot

Every ballot from a Verified Voting System will be printed with a unique verification number. Included in each ballot verification number is a precinct code. Each precinct will be provided with allotted amount of ballots that matches the number of registered voters in the precinct or matches the population of the precinct. Each ballot will have either carbon copy verification receipt, or the voting machine could print a verification receipt.

Published Precinct Results

In each city or town, all of votes cast in each precinct will be published in the local newspaper. Any voter will be able to verify results of their area by simply tallying up the votes in their own precinct. Vote fraud will become more difficult because the voters in a specific precinct can come together to check the verification receipts of their cast ballots. Any voting anomalies will be detectable by the voters themselves.

Digital Verification

Another feature that could be used to protect the vote would be a digital verification system for the paper ballot. This feature would be in addition to the paper ballot with published results in the newspaper. Digital verification should never do away with the paper ballot or a paper verification reciept. When a ballot is cast with a electronic voting machine, a scan-able vote will be printed. Human vote counters will use scanning technology to count the votes. A web camera will be monitoring every vote counter from every precinct. Any voter will be able to go on the Internet and watch the vote counters from any precinct counting votes. When each vote is scanned the verification number and the way the vote was cast will be instantly uploaded to the Internet and will appear in a column adjacent to the video of the vote counter. Each voter could also be provided with a unique password which could be used to "verify" that their vote indeed matches the way their vote was cast. Any large blocks of unverified votes could be called into question.